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From samurai to concert guitarist

a unique life story illustrated with beautiful guitar music

For a great part of his life, guitarist Krister Dahlstrm has subjected himself to exceptionally tough training in the martial arts. He has lived, trained and competed in Tokyo with the worlds leading fencing masters, who are direct descendants of the ancient samurai. Krister has also trained and competed in triathlon and Ironman. The reason for this extreme lifestyle can be traced back to his childhood when he suffered from severe asthma which almost cost him his life. His illness led to the development of a determined strength and desire to take control of his life.
Today Krister is clear proof that most things are a matter of approach and attitude and it is will alone that sets the limits.
As a professional classical guitarist, Krister has made good use of his ability in the martial arts and with fierce determination has transformed these tools to enable his growth into a guitar soloist of the highest class and international renown.

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Krister is playing a guitar by the world famous swedish luthier Lars Jnsson.

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