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Bringing together nations and generations
Kristers repertoire spans 450 years. Music recognises no boundaries. Kristers ability to blend famous European composers with Asian pieces, Swedish folk music with fiery Spanish rhythms, generates enlightenment in us all.

Add a musical INTERLUDE to YOUR programme
Refresh your mind with a musical interlude. Let impressions settle, ideas flow and stress melt away. Classical music is said to stimulate learning so it may be just what your meeting needs to achieve the effect you desire. Combine exquisite musical tones with Kristers light-hearted causerie between pieces if you want to create an element of fun and a sense of participation.

From samurai to concert guitarist
Follow Kristers inspiring journey and his transition from aspiring samurai in Japan to fully-fledged concert guitarist. The story is woven together with music including Pink Floyd, Andalusian rhythms and meditative Japanese pieces. A personal and unique performance without parallel.

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Krister is playing a guitar by the world famous swedish luthier Lars Jnsson.

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