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Concerts 2016

Concerts 2016

February 28 Solo recital, Hajades Grd

April 9 Solo recital, Btska Palatset, Stockholm

June 4 Visby Strand Congress & Event Rederi AB Gotland

July 1 Solo recital, Island Games Gotland

July 17 18.00 Solo recital, Bro Kyrka, Gotland

July 26 19.00 Solo recital, Orust Kringn Kyrka

July 27 19.00 Solo recital, Orust Mollsund Kyrka

July 28 23.00 Solo recital, Festival Svartdal

August 28 Solo recital, Stockholm

September 10 Opening of Idrottens Hus in Visby

September 25 Solo recital Terra Nova Church

October 29 Solo recital Lokrume Church

December 10 Solo reciital Riddarsalen, Stockholm

Krister is playing a guitar by the world famous swedish luthier Lars Jnsson.

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